Consulate Vancouver - Bosnia

  Consulate Vancouver - Bosnia

Consulate of Bosnia and Herzegovina Vancouver
Bosnian Consulate in Vancouver

Vancouver - Canada

Consulate Vancouver - Bosnia



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Vancouver, has a population of more than 2 million people in its greater region. Vancouver has one of the most ethnically diverse population in Canada and many residents have another language than English as their mother tongue. The Vancouver region is one of Canada's largest industrial centres mainly due to favourable location on major higway, rail and shipping routes. Vancouver is also a very important rourist destination with many local and foreign visitors coming to the region to enjoy its scenic landscapes, mountains and forests. Also due to the cities port a lot of travellers visit Vancouver on cruise ships destined for Alaska.
Consulates in Vancouver - There are 2 types of consulates located in Vanvouver which are Consulates or Consulate-Generals as well as Honorary Consuls. A ordinary Consulate or Consulate-General is a diplomatic representative foreign office or mission in Vancouver. The head of a Vancouver Consulate is called a Consul or a Consul General. Consular services comprise of a wide scope of consular assistance to local residents as well as foreign travellers. A Honorary Consul is generally a independent person living in Vancouver, who represents a foreign country and conduct limited consular duties in the Vancouver region. Usually a Honorory Consul is a person who works on a part-time basis as the foreign diplomatic representative and has limited diplomatic powers.

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Consulate Vancouver - Bosnia  Consulate Vancouver - Bosnia  Consulate Vancouver - Bosnia  Consulate Vancouver - Bosnia

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Consulate of Bosnia in Vancouver

Embassy Bosnia in Vancouver

Here you will find information about the foreign Consulates in Vancouver Canada. In Vancouver there are more than 150 Consulates and permanent foreign representations. There are also High Commissions with limited powers.